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I have been with Information technology for 33 years, and have made my first program four decades ago. I sold my first commercial program in 1978 to Texas Instruments, a program called: ”Triangle Solutions”, which became very popular on their TI58 of TI59 all over the world. The coding was extremely machine oriented, as the only option. From 1988 onwards, software development, has been my biggest interest, and has contributed to 90 per cent of my living.

I work today with the following Fields:

Project manager, witch I have done, for more than tree decades.

System architect, witch I have done within a whole lot of systems, and also for decades. You can se many of the systems, announced later on.

System analysis, one of my strongest and biggest skills, but also experience. I have done that for very complex, and dynamic systems, mathematical, logical, algorithm heavy and complex, data complex and of cause also big size systems with more that 500.000 lines of code.

• I have done education, teaching computer science, and giving papers. As a matter of fact, teaching is what I am best at. I’ am giving lessons in complex algorithm techniques, programming languages, compiler techniques, advanced and classical algorithms, dynamic data structures, operating systems, database construction, DBMS, but also other complex fields.

Abstract computer science, are also one of my fields, witch I have practiced much for the last 5 – 10 years.

Procedural programming, I have practiced for tree decades. I started within that field in 1981, using the programming language Pascal, the same year I started writing the first Danish book about that programming language, called: ”Notes about the programming Language Pascal”. Later on, I wrote the first Danish books about Java programming in the mitt nineties, later on the first Danish book about HTML scripting and at least, the first book in Denmark about Visual Basic for applications, also known as VBA.

Object Oriented Programming, I started using in the late eighties in the programming language Pascal. Later on in Java, where the only possibility, is programming object oriented. At last it has been C++, that I have used, and given lessons in, for about15 years now. Here I mean developing real C++ code, and not just programming C, and compiling it, using a C++ compiler.

Object Oriented Analysis, I used that, first time, on Danish Technical University, or DTU as it’s called, in the previous century.

Object Oriented Design and Use Cases, I have done since 1999, sometimes using a CASE tool, like System Architect.

The waterfall model. I use very much, still with great success.

Stepvise refinement. That’s the method i prefer, and always have been using. Both for systems and programming, witch includes, assembler programming. I also use that method for my homepage.

Prototyping. I first became familiar with prototyping in the late nineties, at the customs in Denmark. From that time I have unconditional been a fan of that development method, when programming systems. Especially designing user interfaces.

Data design for Data Base Management Systems, based mostly on SQL. I like relationatial algebra very much, and have used that on DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server and Sybase.

Operating systems, especially parallel processes and threads, and cause of that, also semaphores.

Embedded programming. Eg. Mobile Phones at Nokia, also protocol analysers.

Numerical analysis. That’s a field, where i have done very complex systems, within iteration, matrix algorithms, polynomial “infinite” series, and solution of multiple nonlinear simultaneous differential equations, by means of matrix algebra, and the Jacobi matrix, as gradient when iterating, using Newton’s method.

Machine near programming. I very much like to optimize code, using assembler programming. I was one of the pioneers here I Denmark, programming microprocessors in the late seventies.

• I have been, and are still, author writing books, and articles in the Danish Press at ComputerWorld, Ingenioren, PC World and Windows World. I have done 9 books within computer science.

I’ am very well known for my analytical skills, and my skills within the spoken and written language. Also my drive and experience, within project management. I am companionable jovial and polite. I am known, as having humoristic sense.

For many years I have done work in the software business, within portfolio management in the 90% of the 25 biggest Banks, and saving banks in Denmark and abroad, but also many stock and currency brokers in Denmark and also abroad. That’s within primarily currencies, but also stocks, bounds, warrants, futures and options.

I have also been project manager, and system developer from the start in 1986, on the most used Danish mortgage deeds system, called “pantebrevssystemet”, witch still is the best, and of cause the most famous in Denmark, still after 25 years. Today it’s the main product in Danish Microtech Software, a limited I founded in 1987. I have developed software, both plastic and financial, running in Denmark, of cause, but also in the US, the UK, The Nederland’s, Gibraltar, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Faro islands.

My technical educations, concerning software, is bachelor of science, from South Danish University, Master of science from Denmark’s Technical University and bachelor in mathematics, from Roskilde University in Denmark. I have attended Copenhagen University for many years, within the philosophical area, and also taken a lot of lessons within computer science, on DTU and KU.

My personal interests are photography, cars. Especially English sports cars from the mid fifties, to the start of the seventies. I’ am an educated mechanic. Also philosophy and music are my interests, I have been a professional musician from 1973 and until 1978. You can se and read, much more on my homepage, unfortunately, mostly in Danish, except the videos.

I speak Danish, English and German.

Within the biggest systems I have developed, are Microtech Softwares Ltd’s tree mainstream systems: Currency Portfolio Management, Stock Portfolio Management and their mortgage deds system. Danish CVR registry, a registry, used by the authorities in Denmark for registering companies, Danish railways travel planning (Danish: Rejseplanen), but also Embedded software used in Nokias mobiles.

You can find further information, on my homepage. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, you will find my addresses and more here on my homepage.